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Services & Prices

Services Worldwide

We offer our services to clients from any part of the world due to the fact that most of them can easily be delivered thru internet.

Also please take into account that you'll have no problem communicating with us in English.

DVD Authoring & Blu-ray Authoring

We offer professional Hollywood-quality DVD authoring and authoring of Blu-ray discs. Our services include transcoding of source materials (DVD, Betacam, VHS and etc.) and, which is most important, production of interactive menus, complex and stylish.

DVD-Authoring from €500
Bluray-Authoring from €700

Video Production

We offer all post-production services: editing, compositing and 3D-Animation. We also offer our services in organizing filming - everything: stylists, cameras and etc.

We specialize on production of ads and music videos.

In all cases the prices are quoted. So please contact us with any questions.


Studio Photosession from €200

Graphic Design

All possible booklets, artworks, posters. Frankly everything intended for print.

Here are the prices for most common orders.

Artworks for optical disc boxes €150
Posters €150